I have many years of experience in both worlds: the world of culture and the world of business. Today it is important to implement innovative impulses quickly and efficiently, to develop empathy, and to think comprehensively and with foresight. I love to build bridges between these two worlds. In companies I work as an executive coach, but I also give talks on this topic in international settings.  In addition I offer seminars for managers at selected locations around the world.

It is my goal to give you an understanding of art and important cultural sites in a completely different context. You will be amazed at how much you can benefit from these insights. For me it is important that you can apply this knowledge straight away. Even if you consider yourself an art Philistine, with me you have come to the right place.


I studied art history, German literature and archaeology in Germany.

As a passionate globetrotter, I have visited numerous countries where I shared my knowledge at fascinating artistic and cultural sites in an adult education role. Within this context, I have also worked with renowned educational tour operators and international tourism organisations. Then my path took me into companies and I began to work as a consultant and executive coach.

As an inspirational speaker, I combine my professional expertise with the latest research methods and findings to convey lasting stimuli that encourage a fresh way of thinking and new approaches when my audiences return to the modern world of work.

The spirit of discovery
Exploring new worlds and discovering a country’s colours, smells, light, atmosphere and art.

Favourite pastime
Going on a journey with others and showing them the beauty of the world.

Favourite artist
Botticelli, Chagall and a few artists whose names we will never know, such as the painter of the Akrotiri frescos on the island of Santorin.

Role models
People who have created something inconceivably precious in difficult, almost hopeless situations, such as the artist Frida Kahlo.

Favourite quote
“Maybe art is a conversation the world is having with itself through the medium of artists.”
(Norbert Kricke)