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- VUCA according to all the rules of art -

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

(Pablo Picasso)

In my talks, workshops and seminars I help you navigate with confidence the uncertainties of an ever-changing world. New approaches are now required in order to react effectively to the challenges of the present and future. But in past, too, people developed effective strategies that helped them deal efficiently with necessary changes. The topic is as old as humanity itself. Only today everything happens much faster. I equip you with powerful methods for dealing more efficiently with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. That strengthens both you and your company.
I would be glad to help you master the requirements of our time with confidence

→ What does it mean to think, work and act like an artist and what can companies today learn from artists about how to achieve lasting success in business?

→ Which approaches and principles from an artist’s creative process can be adapted to help successfully establish a true culture of innovation within companies?

→ How can companies and managers spark passion and enthusiasm amongst their employees and encourage them to take more initiative and think entrepreneurially?

→ How can companies establish framework conditions, which attract and motivate sought-after talented people and then help them to unlock their full potential?


The secrets of art are the secrets of life

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